The Austrian founders of Cape Wellness, bring decades of industry experience and a profound commitment to the advancement of wellness through natural therapies. With a rich background in the medical cannabis and plant-based medicine sectors, these visionaries have established strong connections with an esteemed board of doctors and prestigious universities. Their collaborative efforts are focused on pioneering research, ensuring the development of innovative and effective treatments. This network of professionals supports Cape Wellness in upholding the highest standards of quality and safety, positioning the company at the forefront of global wellness solutions.


International partnership and shared commitment

The presence of our subsidiaries in Austria and South Africa is pivotal in striking a balance between cost-efficiency and the adherence to the highest quality standards required by the medical markets. Our Austrian team's presence in South Africa has fortified our foundation, significantly enhancing our connections and facilitating superior communication channels. This strategic placement ensures we are well-positioned to serve our markets with exceptional proficiency and reliability.